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Paper Document Scanning

We’ll help your office¬†go PAPERLESS!

“We have been working with Microsystems, Inc. since 2004 and have been impressed with their customer service, the quality of their work they do and the timeliness of their delivery. It’s obvious that doing a good job and keeping us happy is important to them. I work with many vendors and they have been, by far, one of the easiest to deal with.”

Applications Manager, Village of Schumburg

We utilize high resolution production scanning equipment and software from Kodak and Digitech to capture and index your paper documents.

User defined search criteria allows you to retrieve this information to fit your way of working. Documents that were hard to find, misfiled or misplaced are now available within seconds.kodak-i600-scanner

Key Benefits

Our consultants work closely with each client to completely evaluate their project. From document count to document quality. From paper sizes to paper color and weight. From one-sided to two-sided documents. This information is essential in order to choose the correct scanner and DPI setting for any given project.

Our technicians work to ensure the very best quality by evaluating and testing a project before it ever goes on-line. Once on-line, our specialists monitor the scanning equipment at all times. If there is a problem with a scanned image, it is immediately rescanned. Quality control verification procedures are performed at each step of our process, including Preparation, Scanning, Indexing and the Export / Transfer of files and metadata to a variety of storage media.

Archiving can come in a wide range of file formats including TIFF, PDF, JPEG (along with over 100 additional file formats). Metadata can come in virtually any format you desire. Media formats include CD-ROM, DVD, External Hard Drives, and more. Or forget about the media, and have Microsystems FTP your images and data to our Cloud Solution, Image Silo.

Other Document Management solutions include LAN and/or Web based, CD or DVD plug and play, Single workstations or your existing Electronic Content Management system.

As you can tell from the above information, Microsystems is positioned as a true service bureau, providing you with virtually any industry standard file format, database structure and storage media, allowing your company to choose the right retrieval solution to suit your needs. Whether its a backlog conversion situation or an ongoing project, Microsystems is your solution to document scanning.

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