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Electronic / Digital Files to Archival Microfilm

Digital to Microfilm is commonly known as ARCHIVE WRITING. We offer this service of transferring digital images to archival 16mm microfilm using high speed Fuji archive writers. We use only the latest generation equipment which provides higher quality images than other systems. We can also offer this service at a lower cost due to the speed of the equipment and the volume of services that we provide.

fuji archive writer

An increasing number of government entities are creating microfilm from scanned images or from “born-digital” files. All microfilms that we produce will conform to the technical standards set forth by ANSI, AIIM, and ISO governing “archival” microfilm.

This is a very inexpensive way to create a microfilm archive of your scanned images as well as an effective way to migrate from using microfilm. In many cases, we can offer both microfilm and digital images on CD, DVD or a hard drive at about the same price you are currently paying to microfilm documents.

Creating a microfilm backup of your digital files and images can be a core component to many organizations disaster recovery plans, considering that when stored under proper conditions, archival microfilm can be read for hundreds of years.

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